Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t know how to look sexy and I’m so nervous. I am not skinny or have a perfect body. 

THERE ARE NO PERFECT BODIES. Our job is to help put you at ease and pose you to best show off your beauty.   That is the difference between an amateur photographer and a true professional.  We photo women of all shapes, sizes and ages. We can achieve beautiful images every time not just sometimes. We use lighting, props, clothing and pose to help accent the positive and diminish the negative. We will talk you through the whole session, telling why we want you to stand or sit a certain way and the look we want on your face in each image. You might come in nervous but will have fun and leave feeling sexy and empowered for having done something that maybe you were afraid to do. We have women that come to us for multiple sessions for the positive feeling you leave with. One client told us it was “cheaper than a psychologist “.

2. Do you retouch the images and how much?

All of the images that you view will have a pre-touch look so you can get some idea of what a final image will look like.  Each image that you purchase in some form ( album, wall portrait, small prints, etc) will be retouched to achieve the best look without looking plastic. We want to soften skin and remove blemishes, scars, soften lines around the mouth and forehead.  Around the eyes we soften smile lines and remove bags under your eyes if necessary. In all retouching we want to leave the image looking real and believable. We want your “special person” that you are giving these images to see “you” not someone else we created.  After all you are the one that they love. Trust us when we tell you that after all the boudoir sessions we have photographed in 36 years there is No One Perfect. We all need a little help somewhere.

3.  Do I need to have a tan because I am pale?

No, No, No.  you do not need a tan as we will help you achieve beautiful, smooth skin.  Remember tanning ages the skin and creates more lines and wrinkles. Makeup,  hair and nice nails are more important.

4. What kind of lingerie do I need?

The sky is the limit depending on your taste, and style. There are many options but I would recommend corsets if someone is worried about their body.  They work great at making your waist smaller but also push up the breast.  Quality and correct sizing in the corsets or any lingerie is important. A man’s white shirt is also a very sexy item that we use a lot.  A must is “sexy” heels.  Keep them very feminine (not clunky looking ones) and with very high heels. Don’t worry if you cannot walk in them–you won’t have to for the session. A pair of sexy high heels do wonders for your legs and help you achieve the sexy poses that you cannot get barefooted. Thigh high hose with or without a garter belt are nice.

 5. Where do we do the sessions?

Most of our boudoir shoots are done in our studio where we can use our many backgrounds, props and lighting but we will go on location. Just discuss with us any ideas you might like.  You will see a few images done on location on our website.

6. How long is a session?

We have different length shoots depending on the style and look you are wanting to achieve. We will discuss this with you in person at your consultation and help you make the proper decision for you. We feel that you need to allow yourself plenty of time not to feel stressed.

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