Disk Portrait


Is this how you enjoy looking at your family portrait?  Now that we are firmly planted in digital photography, many beautiful images go unprinted, viewed only on computer monitors or cell phones.

I love what digital photography offers, after all, I was a computer science major and worked in that industry before my photography career.  The down side is the lack of quality prints being printed.  Future generations will wonder why they have family photos from the 1800’s to late 1900’s, but little after that.  Photos are being left on hard drives that will fail, be lost or replaced with new technology that eventually leaves us without the means to access those digital images.  What would you do if you knew you had a cherished image recorded on a 5.25 inch floppy disk?  Good luck finding a device that can read that size.  The same thing will eventually happen with the current technology.
Family Portrait
Now this is a portrait that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.  Every time this family walks into the room they will remember the fun and love shown from this moment.  When did you last have a professional portrait made of your family?  Do you have it displayed in a way to enjoy every day?  We can help preserve your memories and add beautiful decor to your home.
So what if you prefer artwork over family portraits for your decor?  We can help you turn even cell phone images into works of art.  The following examples will give you some ideas.  Give us a call or send us some images for a free evaluation.  I’ll show you how we can turn the ordinary into fine art for your home or office.

Moonrise in FD Portrait

Flower FD Portrait copy