Paul McCartney
It’s been a Long and Winding Road.  50 years ago, February 9, 1964, Sgt. Pepper taught us kids to Twist and Shout.  If you were a teen in the ’60’s, you thought about that special person to The Beatles singing “That Boy” or “She Loves You”.

Much of America had little knowledge of them before Ed Sullivan introduced them to us and our shocked parents.  Yet by today’s standards, they were very clean cut lads…at least in the early days.  The lyrics were easy to understand and for the most part, without controversy.  Of course our parents were sure “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, was code for LSD.

I had the pleasure of being the concert photographer for Paul on his visit to Columbia a few years ago.  He was very giving, funny and a joy to photograph.  With a twinkle in his eye he asked, “have you ever heard any of my music”?  My response was that I seem to recall a tune or two from that band you were once with…He got a kick out of that.  If you’re ever in Las Vegas and have the opportunity to see Cirque du Soleil’s tribute to The Beatles, LOVE, don’t miss it. A great show that will take you back to your youth.

So as I think back over the last 50 years, “It’s Been a Hard Days Night”, but what a “Ticket To Ride”.  And sometimes I needed “Help” when I was deciding if I should be a “Paperback Writer” or photographer.  I certainly had my “Day in the Life”, even if it felt like “Eight Days a Week” and many friends and family thought I was “The Fool on the Hill”.  Yes, many times “I Should Have Known Better”

But later this year “When I’m 64”, I’ll be singing “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” “With a Little Help from My Friends”. So, “From Me to You”, “Good Day Sunshine”.

P.S.  What is your favorite Beatles tune?

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