To be blunt, it’s time for you to leave.  You have once again overstayed your welcome.  You arrive every year with promise of holidays, family times, gifts, feast and winter wonderlands.  But you soon turn bitter and cold, forcing us to hide in our homes and bundle up in heavy clothing and blankets.

And you bring darkness.  You chase the sun away before I can get home from work.  Yes, you serve a purpose.  In your own way you help with nature’s life cycle.  But you are my least favorite of the seasons.  You are that wicked sister that is full of ice and bitterness.  You delight in giving misery.

Spring is my favorite.  She is sweet, full of life and brings warmth.  I wake up each day to her smile. I love that she stays longer every day before turning life over to Summer.  She brings color and beauty after your dull and drab visit.

And as you leave, don’t even think of sneaking back in a week or two.  I know you’ve done that before.  Give Spring her full stay and allow us to enjoy the warm breeze she brings.

So go back to that Polar Vortex you call paradise, and give us 9 months of peace.