I recently saw a news report about a mother who realized how few photographs there were of her and her children together.  She knew that she deliberately stayed BEHIND the camera due to weight gain and other issues.  But she was the mother that her children knew and loved…as she was.  So she made the effort to have a professional family portrait made with her children.  Not they will enjoy in years to come, the images of their mother.

It is easy to fall into this trap.  I’m also guilty of being the photographer (well, aren’t I?) and not getting into the photos.  As we get older, we become to despise that evil device known as a mirror.  NO WAY can that older, heavier, gray haired, wrinkled reflection be the youthful image we keep in our mind.  We don’t like getting older, but we know the alternative is not a good thought either.

Look at it this way, with age comes wisdom and satisfaction.  For each day of our life, we get to enjoy the things we love.  Watching our children grow and hopefully become parents themselves.  Believe me, there is nothing more satisfying than to receive a call from your son saying, “Dad, I’m sorry.  I now understand what I put you and Mom thru.  Your grandchildren are driving us crazy!”

So forget about the changes your body has imposed on you and get in those photos.  And be sure to have professional portraits done.  After all, a professional photographer knows how to make you look your best, with posing and lighting techniques.  Our studio offers free consultations for our clients.  We can suggest clothing that is photographically correct, discuss any concerns you have and plan a portrait session that will have you looking your best.

Coming in a future blog…Will Your Digital Photos Last?  

One of my favorite  photos of me and granddaughter Bella.  It was the morning of her birthday and she asked “Papa, can you paint my finger nails and feet nails so I’ll be pretty for my party”.  Yes, real men do nails!  Do you think this image gets to my heart?