Flower Daffw

Flower Daff PaintwAs a child, it seemed that all the homes in our neighborhood had daffodils.  I must have been about 10 years old when I picked a bunch and brought them to my mother.  You would have thought those were the first flowers she had ever received.  She made such a production of receiving them and showing them to my father when he came home from work.   Now years after her passing,  I can’t look at daffodils without thinking of that moment.

This week I took the photo shown above of these flowers in our yard with my cell phone, then with various techniques transformed them into an art piece.  This is what I mean by Cell Phone Art.  It can be done on any camera.  It requires looking at life with a creative eye and taking the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Of course it doesn’t stop there.  To truly enjoy the art piece, it needs to be printed on high quality canvas or fine art paper, a service we can provide.  It is then ready to be displayed and enjoyed for many years.

This is why I teach my Cell Phone Art class.  The class includes some art history, both traditional art and photography.  By understanding some simple principles, you begin to look at lighting and shape in a different and creative way.  There are a lot of tools that help take your image into a more creative look.  The class is designed to get you started with simple, even free software.  Finishing techniques such as adding brush strokes with art gels and acrylics to give greater depth to your art are also covered.  Like any hobby, you can expand to more detailed, and expensive means should you desire.  All those taking the class have access to future help from me in design as well as professional printing of their cherished art.

Classes are available in Columbia, Charleston and Myrtle Beach.  If you don’t live in these areas but are interested in a class, arrangements can be made to come to your area. For more information, give me a call at 803-798-8547 or email to Drigphoto@gmail.com