Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Photography
A recent session we did in our studio

Have you ever wanted to do something but let nervousness or fear of the unknown stop you? We all have experiences like that. Some we give up on, some we push through with perseverance, determined to finish no matter what. How empowered do you feel when you push forward?

You want to trumpet to the world: “I did it, I did it, I overcame my fear!”

Women want to be sexy and beautiful.  The media inundates us with unrealistic expectations of body size and shape. Nobody has the ideal body, flawless skin or perfect face.

Repeat.  No one is perfect, not even supermodels.

In our Boudoir Photography sessions, we achieve beautiful images of women using flattering lighting, props, clothing and lingerie; posing to accent the positive and diminish the negative.  We talk you through the session so you feel comfortable and relaxed. You will leave your session exhilarated and excited to see your images.

Post-session, your images will show how sexy and beautiful you are. Your self-confidence will grow exponentially and the love-of-your-life will be blown away.   We photograph multiple boudoir sessions with the same women and through the years, each has expressed the positive feeling and high of overcoming their fears.

Each accomplishment is a growth in who we are and gives us self-confidence and a sense of self-worth.

Cheaper than a psychologist? Absolutely!

The TODAY SHOW had a beautiful segment on this that mirrors our experience.

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Boudoir Photography
A recent session we did in our studios